Broken Dreams and Cheap Perfume

I'm Angela and I like punk rock, dogs, spending too much money on records and London
I'm not one to document my entire life on the internet
I put on shows under the name 176 Records
I can be found here: Facebook and 176 Records

Thank you.


I just wanted to do a recap from last night. I’ve counted up how much food we collected last night and am completely blown away by how generous people have been, in total there were 224 items donated last night.


28 bags of pasta

20 Tins of soup

8 Cup Soup

31 Tins of tomatoes


Last night at the RVIVR show we collected food for a local food bank. Thank you everyone.

RVIVR next week

Hello all,

There’s currently 13 million people in the UK living below the poverty line with many of these relying on foodbanks to be able to survive. The use of food banks has risen 168% in the last year and they’re really struggling to cope with the demand.

We’re going to be setting up a food donation area at the RVIVR show on the 8th October where you can donate non perishable food which we will then take to the local Southwark foodbank. The Trussell Trust have created a nice little shopping list to give you inspiration of the kind of foods that are needed…/fo…/website-shopping-list.pdf (if you’re uncomfortable with some of the items on this link please do not just dismiss them, find vegan alternatives UHT Soy Milk etc just make sure it’s got a long best before date)

There will also be some cakes for sale at the show with all profits also being donated.

There’s more information about the Southwark Foodbank here


—From An Admirer Not Darryl


The life, in this room, could melt the snow outside, if we tried. I thought I found myself a reason to be breathing out here, I thought I had this figured out. But every year the faces changing have been estranging me from all I thought I know about this town. 

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Day of rest

Day of rest